Auto Body Shop Credit

All body shops that are affiliated to Shield, will be giving out a bonus that range from $500.00 to $1000.00 depending on the promotion, to members of Shield to be used at their convenience.

Also, all members of Shield are guaranteed 2 oil changes a year, as well as a front brake change.
All of the benefits mentioned above apply after there has been an accident, not before.

Example 1

A member that has PIP insurance, which is the minimum required by law, ​crashes and is guilty, his insurance does not cover the damage done to the car, which ​means he will have to pay the full amount charged by the body shop. If the bill is $2000 ​dollars, he will pay $1500 dollars because since he’s a member of Shield, he’s ​guaranteed a $500 voucher to be used at his convenience.

Example 2

A member of Shield, whose full cover policy has a $500.00 bonus, ​crashes and is guilty, his insurance company pays for the body work done to the car, ​except for the first $500.00 dollars of the deductible, but since he’s a member of Shield, ​he’s guaranteed a $500.00 voucher which he can use towards his deductible, therefore ​the Shield client does not have to pay the deductible.