Shield has a network of over 200 lawyers that specialize in many different areas and that are focused on offering the best possible service and protection that you, as our client, deserve.

Our lawyers are committed to defending your rights and will diligently work with you every step of the way should you require their service after an accident.

Shield provides a contingency service which means a fee is paid upon successful completion of the service. The fee of our lawyers is low and reasonable, while most lawyers charge 33% of the gain realized, the lawyers affiliated with Shield only charge 20%, as a result you are able to walk away with more money than you would if you were to hire the services of an independent lawyer.

For example, on a demand of $10,000  you would be able to keep almost $2,000 more than you would with most lawyers.

Our lawyers have been carefully selected to ensure your complete satisfaction from the moment you first meet with them, they are dedicated, knowledgeable, responsible and will work with your best interest in mind.
For your convenience, we have put together a broad portfolio of lawyers to meet different needs and expectations. You will be able to select from different nationalities, or choose to communicate in English, Spanish, Portuguese or Italian, among others and when necessary, translation service is also offered by most.